Introduction to Problem Solving | Class 10th Computer | Chapter 1 part 1

Before talking about problem solving first we will try to understand what is problem.

Problem is a situation or matter that needs attention or need to be solved.

We face many problems in our daily life. Some problems are complicated while others are not. Problems which are not complicated can be solved easily but problems which are complicated requires lot of efforts. What ever a problem is we try to find many solutions to solve the problem and at the end we select the best available solution.

For example we are travelling on a road. We come to a point where road is blocked. Now this blocked road is a problem. We need to solve this problem. First of all we will analyse that what are the alternatives we have. So for this problem we may have following alternatives or solutions.

  1. Wait for police so that they can clear the road.
  2. Try to clear the road yourself.
  3. Go for the alternative path.
  4. Get back and abandoned the journey.

So depending on the situation we will select one of these solutions. For example we select solution 3 to go for alternative road. But if there is no alternative road we might go with solution 1 to wait for police. But what if we are in a area where police will take long to reach. In this case we might try to clear the road ourselves. But if floods are the cause road block then above options may not be good. And we will have to select option to go back.

This is just an example of a problem solving. We face many problems in our daily life with different levels of difficulty. There are different methods to solve these problems.

In computer programming is also a problem solving activity. We can solve many problems with the help of programming. If you want to be a good programmer you need to be a good problem solver. So it is important to understand problem solving techniques before going to the programming.

Introduction to Problem Solving | Class 10th Computer | Chapter 1 part 1

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