Despite the triumph against Sri Lanka, the Pakistani group committed a grave error.
A mix-up made by Muhammad Rizwan toward the finish of the innings, who scored a splendid 100 years in the quest for the objective, expected that the public group would lose.

Sri Despite the triumph, the Pakistani group committed a grave error because of the misstep made by Muhammad Rizwan, who scored a splendid hundred years in quest for the objective; toward the finish of the innings, the public group lossFear of being As per the subtleties Sri LankaDespite the noteworthy triumph against PakistanBad news for them, notwithstanding an extraordinary win against the Islanders on the focuses table PakistanMissed a chance to work on the run rate.

Pakistan has been involved in the subsequent position after two successive triumphs on the World Cup focus table, while New Zealand has taken the central part. Pakistan’s run pace has remained relatively high after the victory against the Netherlands. Pakistan’s net run rate was over 1.6, which has now boiled down to 0.9.
According to analyst Mazhar Arshad, Muhammad Rizwan and Iftikhar Ahmed had not crossed after the triumphant shot and sat tight for the four. Pakistan would have an additional three runs.

It ought to be evident that PakistanYesterday CricketThe most noteworthy in the 48-year history of the World Cup record is your name? Sri Lanka overcoming Pakistan scored the most significant objective in its Reality Cup history. The batters of the Pakistani group Sri LankaTo score the greatest aim throughout the entire existence of the World Cup during the match against RecordAlso laid out.

One day beginning in 1975, CricketSince the beginning of the World Cup, the group has yet to accomplish an objective of 330 runs or more before today. The most significant aim in World Cup history RecordIreland aimed 328 against Britain in the 2011 World Cup. Notwithstanding, yesterday Pakistanby Sri LankaBy overcoming this RecordAlso broke. Pakistan is the only one on the planet CricketThe crew that CricketThe focus of more than 330 runs has been effectively accomplished throughout the entire existence of the World Cup.

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