The first lecture of the 9th class Biology Chapter 2. In this lecture, we study the scientific method and biological method of Solving a Biological Problem. This is the first part of the second chapter of 9th class biology. This is the first video of 2nd chapter on biology. In this video, we will study:

1) The Scientific Method.
2) The Biological Method.

In this lecture, we will study a few steps of solving biological methods like:

1. Recognition of Biological Problems
2. Observation
3. Hypothesis

Solving a Biological Problem – Class 9th Biology Chapter Two (Part 1). This video series includes all lectures of class 9th Biology. This is the tenth lecture of this series. This video series is created for the students of class 9th for all the Boards of Punjab. This video series is based on the current curriculum of the Class 9th Biology book. We will be using the Urdu language so that students of Class 9th in Pakistan can better understand the concepts of Biology.

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