Problem Identification | Class 10th Computer | Chapter 1 part 1.2.1

Problem identification is the first step of problem solving activity in software development method. In this step we closely identify the problem. We carefully observe the problem. Identify major areas of concern and leave any extra information.
For example we want to develop a simple calculator. We will identify that this calculator should perform basic functions of mathematics and those functions are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. At this step we will identify that we will leave out mathematics function like Sine or Tan. We will also identify that we don’t need other mathematical functions. So here are few questions we need to answer at this stage :

  • How basic arithmetic operations are performed ?
  • How result should be displayed ?
  • How input should be accepted ?

We will also identify that we are not interested in following questions:

  • How Sine and Tan are calculated ?
  • How is the quadratic equation solved ?
  • How other mathematical operations are performed ?

So in this way by filtering out irrelevant information we can concentrate on the actual goal.

Hopefully now you understand what is Problem Identification. In the next lesson we will study about Specify Requirements.

Problem Identification | Class 10th Computer | Chapter 1 part 1.2.1

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